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How to dress for work…

Since the eLearning group is easily the sharpest dressers at work, our team has been asked to do a presentation at the I.T. workshop day to promote dressing professionally. Here is a Powerpoint slide Betsy made using Yahoo avatars and some creative cutting and is just too eerily accurate. And yes, this situation actually happened.

All very well and funny...but it begs the question...what is appropriate dress for an IT worker, tech, manager? Does it change for schools? Design-schools? I have to admit that I have literally rolled out of bed, waved some deodorant near my pits, and barely managed to get some jeans on before leaving in the mornings...Yet other times I freak out over which shade of socks to wear.

Long ago, my father would wear a suit to work...every day. I couldn't even imagine that, I wear a tie maybe 5 times a year, and he had literally ten to fifteen suits to pick from at any given time. I count myself as fairly successful at work, I get paid well, and I am sort of respected. If I had to wear a suit, I probably would. But my dad laments the passing of professionalism and the slacker attitude that can come with dressing casually. So now there is work-casual, never was there a worse fashion option. Work-casual is the reason people still buy dockers and chinos and loafers and generally parade around like it's 1988 still. People just need to be more creative and have access to better clothes that aren't cheaply made and don't fall apart...ya hear me Banana Republic? For now I will continue with my choice for work clothing: Quiksilver, Hurley, and Volcom.

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