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Ode to Lawrence

We went to the funeral of a dear friend last Thursday. It was beautiful and horribly sad at the same time. Father Lawrence Signey was a close friend to our family through and he married my wife and I. His passing was a shock. The saints and angels are now wearing iPods and watching Tivo were words used in his eulogy. Yeah, knowing him that’s probably true.

Check out the news story from The Tidings.

Keep reading after the jump for a beautiful memorial anonymously written for Lorenzo.

Father Lawrence(right) and Bishop Gerald Wilkerson getting ready to marry Diana and I on 08/28/04.

Ode to Lawrence

The outlook wasn’t brilliant for St. Bedesters late that year.
Their Padre had just left his flock and a replacement wasn’t near.
Then in all his flaming glory, Father Lawrence did appear,
And the folks again were happy and let go a joyous cheer
He preached us from his pulpit; he coaxed us from the floor;
He doused us with his Holy Rain, the children wanted more.
He convinced the very tightest that we all should help the poor,
As he rallied up the parish to take on their Christian chore.
His message was a simple one, our love was to be shared.
We had to treat each other as if we really cared.
We all had issues everyday, not one of us was spared.
“Reach out and hug your neighbor, and love him if you dared”.
Did I say he loved the children, no matter, what their age?
He’d march them out of class to church, this wizardly young sage,
And gleefully they’d scrub and clean to avoid the Father’s rage.
He never raised his voice at all; his tricks could fill a page.
And friends he made, and loved most all, though cherished just a few;
And if you knew Lorenzo well, I know you’d know just who.
He presided over most events, some joyous and some blue,
But his fun was shared by many, when he told a joke or two.
But his time was short, his flame cooled fast, he left us saddened all.
When we learned his fate we closed our ranks and called all we could call.
We wondered how this happened, he was much too young to fall.
Then we hugged and loved each other. Lorenzo never stood so tall.

— a friend

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