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It’s 115 degrees Fahrenheit

Vegas, baby!

I am broiling, well maybe not anymore as I am in the hotel room, but still. Things shouldn't get this hot. Al Gore, save me.

The wife loves Vegas, and I don't really care for it. It's like one gaudy overgrown amusement park. It is getting better for me though, and I have grown to appreciate it a little more every time. I got to see Spam-a-lot last night and that was a blast. Diana wasn't too into it though, since she wasn't a fan of Monty Python. But she stuck through it, I love her for it.

Today, we plan to stay indoors, hydrate, spend some "alone-time" together, and shop mostly.

The view, did you see the view up there?? Wow! Tonight is the 4th of July and I am going to try to snap some fireworks with my crappy camera (which you can plainly see in my beautiful scenery shot above) I will try to update the blog with the fireworks shots if I get any good ones.

I need this vacation. I just finished my big school project and have been stuck on the computer all-hours the last two weeks, on top of work, on top the "other" work...exhausted. Does anyone go to Vegas to rest? I do.

I can't deal with the casino right now since I can't breathe down there. After finally kicking smoking for good over a year ago, I totally seized up last night trying to play slots. This woman sat down next to me with an unfiltered and I closed up like an asthmatic kid. She moved though, but there were so many people smoking that it was generally impossible to breathe. Maybe I am oversensitive now.

"Death awaits you with big, sharp, pointy teeth!"

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