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Why the Chronicle of Higher Ed sucks

Every education technology professional should be mad as hell right now. The Chronicle of Higher Luddites penned an eediot diatribe completely tearing down the very things we hold dear: educational technology. Read the article and email Mr. Rob Jenkins at, email him in outrage. In fact, feel free to cut and paste my own email to him below. You can attack ed-tech in general, but when you attack my own bread and butter too, it’s on.

Read on for the cut and paste letter that YOU can send Mr. Jenkins…

Mr. Jenkins,

I am a little taken aback, no, completely offended by your article. The flippant tone with which you address ed-tech and the role of technology is completely belittling. I work as an instructional developer and the online program manager at my school, and yeah…I’d love to think we roll around campus like Xhibit and his pit crew…but that is far from the truth. We look at pedagogy, we look at needs: your needs as an instructor primarily. Your silly analogy of pimping a car and throwing crap on it to make it look like a street racer, well what about your engine?! What are you teaching? What about it is going to make that car go? It would be fine if you addressed this point, but you didn’t and you left your snide, snarky article to hang out there without a point other than to imply that your gadgets and gizmos don’t work. They won’t work because the technology is transient and useless. Well gee, maybe if you helped techs like to us to help teachers like you…you can get to that "Computers, sweet!" moment…or maybe you should be more worried about getting your studetns to the "I learned something, sweet!" moment, don’t you think?

Now…this is the "ON" switch here, press it.

via CogDogBlog

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