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Happy Holidays…cleaning out the closet


And so once again the holidays are upon us. 2007 has been a stressful in both our work and personal lives. Dear friends of ours are moving away, we have met up with new old friends this year, and have been adjusting to life back in the land of the living.

This year finished off with a very busy last couple of months. I completed almost the first half of my online masters program at University of Illinois...just in time to see the first football team of my collegiate career go on to the Rose Bowl to (hopefully) trounce the Trojans of USC this New Year's...Go Illini!. At the same time I gave presentations at Educause and the 8th Sakai Conference with CampusEAI on our roll-out of Sakai at FIDM. There were a lot of lessons learned during the deployment and changeover to an entirely new LMS system, and these presentations we a great opportunity to share what we learned along the way. I met a lot of great people along the way too.

So why blog about this? I don't know. It's my blog and I can do what I want. It's just been busy for me, overwhelming at times, but I hope 2008 will give me more time to wind down and keep going with work as usual

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