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babybirds_lil.jpgSo I recently finished up my most recent course "Issues & Developments in Educational Psychology: Learning and Classroom Management" and it kicked my ass. I was sort of waiting for this opportunity though as I had originally intended on going to get an M.Ed. in order to get more into the "educational" aspect of my career in eLearning. Previous courses had focused on introductions to using technology in curriculum, this was my first real immersion in theories of learning above what I had casually read in the past. My final project was a wiki page on the University of Illinois' web space: WikEd. More specifically it is a shortish theoretical analysis of the ed-psych and practical impacts of social networking technologies on teaching and learning. It is here if you are interested. Much props to George Seimens, Stephen Downes, and many other resources who had thoughtfully shared their thoughts and theories online for all of us newbies from which to remix and develop our own learning connections. These helped shape my thoughts on it...comments and criticisms welcome.

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