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{ Monthly Archives } September 2008

Disruptive Teaching and Learning

I am usually not one to ruminate on and on about information I get at work. Many schools are run like a business, and being on the IT side of things, you get exposed to a lot of the business-y cross-talk and things that don't necessarily relate to the world of education on the surface. […]

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Cool iWeb themes

Hi everyone...this is for the course's iWeb fans. Apple has released new iWeb themes for it's popular blogging, web-site building, kitchen sink 2.0 tool. Read more at TUAW.

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Awesomest Wiki-book ever: a “how to 2.0”

Just a quickie post to rebroadcast a link floating around recently: Web 2.0 and Emerging Learning Technologies from Curtis Bonk, one of the lead collaborators along with many students around the world.  (Really, who authors anything in a vacuum anymore?)  Anyway, I saw him speak at Educause a few years back and he was great.

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