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The Legend of the Menehune

Here is my first digital story, at least the first one created outside the confines of my current employ ;). Enjoy... This is dedicated to my Mom who always teased me about the Menehune. Downloadable version in Quicktime format available here or link to it on TeacherTube.

I sort of threw out the storyboard for this one as my time spent driving around and recording this was sort of dictated by my wife's patience for me doing homework and how much access I had to these landmarks. Enjoy!

Oh yeah, check out the Flickr photostream of the trip.

Since this was done on location, I had to use what was available on my computer while disconnected...which meant using iMovie and Quicktime Pro to massage some of the audio portions. I found a great song "Little Menehune" that I bought for a song (get it?!) at BitMunk which was rights cleared. I took most of the photos myself. But the construction picks and the Menehune graphics I got from Flickr and are cited in the credits at the end. I hope you guys find it entertaining and educational.

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