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Educause 2008

Wow what a week! First of all, I came face to face with my own digital mortality when the logic board on my trusty year-old MacBook Pro decided to have a campfire. So it's out for a week, thank goodness for the extended AppleCare! I am using the loaned Mac from work at the Educause 2008 conference this week.

I am typing this out on the plane so I will try to recap a bit. I spent the week sitting in on a variety of sessions: one about Second Life and how it can be implemented in a teaching and learning context, another about GoogleApps solutions for student collaboration, tried to see the BlackBoard new product announcement (BOO! Sakai pwns!), and an analysis of student satisfaction in distance learning. There were lots of other conversations both formal and informal all centering around web 2.0 and in fact a lot of my time was spent reloading the conference Twitter feed and chatting with others. I also got a chance to be a presenter again to a big (250ish) audience about FIDM's experience with Sakai one year after our big deployment.

All in all, another really cool conference experience!

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