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Scavenger hunts and connectivism

At the Questionmark User's Conference here in San Antonio. Having some good ed-tech related fun down here. This one is a smaller conference, and I like those as opposed to the biggie ones since you actually get a chance to meet and network with people. Had some good times last night during scavenger hunt where […]

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I has a horn, gonna toot it

On our recent project to deploy Sakai at FIDM, I am presenting in biweekly seminars on sharing “Experiences Migrating from an Existing CMS to Sakai” through March. Dave Melone Will Share Experiences Migrating from an Existing CMS to Sakai CampusEAI Consortium Launches eLearning Solutions iSeminars on Hosted Sakai Implementation Lessons Learned More press releases: FIDM/The […]

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Happy Holidays…cleaning out the closet

And so once again the holidays are upon us. 2007 has been a stressful in both our work and personal lives. Dear friends of ours are moving away, we have met up with new old friends this year, and have been adjusting to life back in the land of the living.

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Best. powerpoint. ever.

With my recent glut of presentation-giving, I thought reposting this here would be a great idea. Found it on lifehacker | View | Upload your own

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Twiterring by myself

Yes it sounds dirty... I read this article this morning in the Wall Street Journal, which is odd...primarily because it was the Wall Street Journal, and decidedly paper-based. But anyhow, the author was writing about Facebook, social networking and all that jazz. I learned a few things:

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Liveblogging Educause 2007

How sad and how web 2.0y of me to do this, but I thought it would be a nice experiment. Attending the Educause conference in Seattle right now and sitting in on a session about faculty training in learning management systems...most likely annoying the person sitting next to me with my tictacky typing. How many […]

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Discover Kauai!

This is an excellent video about my favorite place on the entire planet, Kauai. If you are going, or plan to go, watch this video...and then go to my father-in-law's condo in Poipu (very local-friendly, we swear). We try to be good kama'aina.

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Why the Chronicle of Higher Ed sucks

Every education technology professional should be mad as hell right now. The Chronicle of Higher Luddites penned an eediot diatribe completely tearing down the very things we hold dear: educational technology. Read the article and email Mr. Rob Jenkins at, email him in outrage. In fact, feel free to cut and paste my own […]

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It’s 115 degrees Fahrenheit

I am broiling, well maybe not anymore as I am in the hotel room, but still. Things shouldn't get this hot. Al Gore, save me. The wife loves Vegas, and I don't really care for it. It's like one gaudy overgrown amusement park. It is getting better for me though, and I have grown to […]

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I am building a Frankenstein

Between my wife getting her gall bladder removed and my sister getting a kidney taken out, I am going to start a Frankenstein monster. I figure I have a long way to go. As of now I would have the rudiments of a digestive system. The most I could actually stomach donating would be a […]

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