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Graduated! Woo-hoo!

Well, I finally graduated from my Masters program in Education, via CTER at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Forever an Illini now! I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t make it into Illinois for my real-life graduation, but I decided to get dressed up anyway in OpenSim to celebrate. Make sure to check out […]

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Playin’ Around in OpenSim and Second Life

New class, last one then it’s a full fledged Masters. It took two years, I remember blogging from airports, doing homework in movie theaters, mobility isn’t necessarily a great thing all the time. My latest class has me in OpenSim a lot. It is a great opportunity to use this software since it is essentially […]

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Flashback to interactive fiction

I have been playing with a new tool to create interactive fiction games. I was a big D&D fan, and played the Zork games and even the excellent Hitchhiker’s Guide Infocom game. This was about 25 years ago when my parents had to wrench me off the computer to keep me away from those dark […]

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One more to go!

photo by caruba on Flickr I had been meaning to throw up another update here but everything recently has been, as per my done-to-death saying, “all school-work and work-school.” I just finished my second to last graduate course in the CTER program at UIUC, Analysis of Advanced Instructional Technologies. If you are interested, the final […]

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Great article on digital storytelling

Found this on Educause Review via Alan Levine’s blog (daily reading for me). It really is an excellent piece on how storytelling can evolve using web 2.0 technologies out there. I just posted the entry below, so I will link it up and let the experts speak for themselves. Check it out: Web 2.0 Storytelling: […]

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Teaching as a Conversation

Image by laffy4k (Flickr) under CC license I wasn’t originally going to post this, but after reading Rita’s blog entry about her experience in our student-led conversations tonight I had to chime in. Rita commented: “I truly feel that I interact with my classmates and instructors more often and on a more complex level than […]

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Teacher’s Survival Guide to Ed-Tech Conferences

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Educause 2008

Wow what a week! First of all, I came face to face with my own digital mortality when the logic board on my trusty year-old MacBook Pro decided to have a campfire. So it’s out for a week, thank goodness for the extended AppleCare! I am using the loaned Mac from work at the Educause […]

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The Legend of the Menehune

Here is my first digital story, at least the first one created outside the confines of my current employ ;). Enjoy… This is dedicated to my Mom who always teased me about the Menehune. Downloadable version in Quicktime format available here or link to it on TeacherTube.

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IDR: Instructional Design Rut, it can happen to you…

This has been an enlightening past couple of weeks. First, creating the WebQuest and now I am working on a digital story. Digital stories are essentially that: stories created digitally using all sorts of tools. I happen to be using iMovie which is still fairly new to me. The best part of this assignment is […]

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