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One more to go!

I had been meaning to throw up another update here but everything recently has been, as per my done-to-death saying, "all school-work and work-school." I just finished my second to last graduate course in the CTER program at UIUC, Analysis of Advanced Instructional Technologies. If you are interested, the final report is a pbWiki page and we posted our final project preso on We discussed the future of education. Our group tried to tackle the question from a developmental/occupational point of view, from K through higher ed. Comments are welcome.

I used since this was the only way I could get it to work on pbWiki, another great wiki tool by the way, if you can get around the coding restrictions. seems to be more geared towards the photo slideshow/MySpace crowd but they did have a nice selection of transitions and controls.

Slideshare is a new favorite app 2.0 of mine since I also have been busy at work doing my presentations and such on teaching and learning with Sakai. Browse over and check them out if you like.

So, what did I get out of this class? I got a chance to step back and look around in order to evaluate the use of technology in teaching around me. It was a very cumulative experience for me since I am near the end of my M.Ed. program...just one more course to go!

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