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Pet update: Madam Tiki

chilling in the sun

We added a new member to the family, Madam Tiki. We thought Speedy our cat was getting a little bit lonely. So we went to The Pasadena Humane Society shelter and looked around and this little girl was sitting in a tattered little sweater being all quiet. I am not a small dog type of guy...but this one was cool. We figure that she is a Chiweenie: a Chihuahua and Dachshund cross, and some Dachshund-owning friends agree. She's basically a long, dark red-colored Chihuahua. We thought score, but there must be a long waitlist, but it turns out that she was brought in that day. A week later, she came home...Speedy was a little curious but no disasters yet.

Hey, who's that?I know what you are thinking, she's a yappy spazzy dog, but she's totally chill and loves to burrow and sit on laps. I find myself standing a lot just to keep her off me. If you are into cute dogs and want to see more, there's a Flickr set just for you!

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