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Looking for chihuahua poop in the dark

In a fit of curiosity I took my twitter feed (using Tweetdumpr) and exported all my twitter feeds into a text file. That's about 1060 updates and I had joined a little over two years ago in May 2007. I thought it would be a great waste of time to take all of my twitter updates and string them together in a narrative style, taking out all the RT and @replies to protect the innocent but leaving content and links intact. What you a lot different from my typical blog entries I guess. What began as a nice little bit of introspection turned out to be more disturbing and funny than I thought. So here are some excerpts if you care to read, I picked the funnier ones out here. Not that I am under any impression that anyone will find this interesting, but after graduating, I am in a bit of a "looking back and forward" sort of mood.

Need to test test test! Chrome logo - damn thing looks like a poke-ball. Looks like Pikachu is going to jump out and crash my computer. pika pika! My lady wants a Pomeranian, thoughts? you're back online! and she shall be named Madam Tiki! Just to clarify, no we didn't get a Pom... yet. Off to Las Vegas today Going to METALLICA!!!! with scary-ass bands opening, previewing on MySpace first, lots of blood/religious imagery, maybe we'll be late. nah, they're over it now, in fact I got the album free from iTunes with the presale well Diana's the big fan, not me so much. The things I do for my wife... I love those little video slot machines, don't know what I'm doing then I win $100!! w00t1! Go Goldfish Dream!! The concert's in December so I've got some time still home again home again jiggety jig Home alone and sick, but kitty don't care... My wife, an investment broker, is comparing this to 1990 and Milken as far as bloodbath-potential goes... got're posting okay tired, too tired to stay home. tee-hee On LA time myself and I was late to my job in LA...wrah! left the nicotine gum at home accidentally. Trying to fool myself with Eclipse Mightnight Cool gum. It's actually working.

Question: If there was no internet, what would you be doing today? If the internet never happened? Social Work probably kitty??! I want to see pictures! Resting long week... aaaahhhh! slow down turbo! yeah, it's everywhere except SOUTHwest...just expense that too Ugh, still here at work, half hour training swelled to two hours, trying to leave! #fb RT Flutter is the new Twitter: My iPhone playlist went from Raffi to Megadeth...given the day I had, it felt oddly relevant miss sassytwitterpants Lovin the new TweetDeck Hooray for! have a safe flight! Woo fat dog!! #fb you know it! reads the manual so Marge doesn't have to! looking forward to a nice 3day weekend. I wish I could be this excited all the time: Another day downtown, another labor demonstration... hate those damn parrots, they terrify my dog I'm drinking at home Trying to motivate to get to the gym this AM, time to sweat out my angst... yeah yeah on my way Ah, much better #fb hey! can't wait! room service! feeling like a bloated pig, ugh...Easter gorging, happy though and buy one, get one for $5, don't forget! new year, new conferences, new courses to build, oi

Better stop it. Taco Tuesday at Pepe's ftw cute and a little disturbing: aww she's all growns up! just had my first SL meetup with my CTER cohort! great open content post from Cole Camplese: My baby's getting outfitted for her part in Cold Case today...1950s hottie secretary! rrrroaw! n00b move...upgrading WordPressMU with a plain WordPress gone from looking at kittens to chihuahuas, wtf?? yes, as long as you're working 😉 I am going through a Sex Pistols phase myself RT New post on Metblogs, LA Traffic on Twitter just got Total Recall transcription of lectures here, pasted them into Wordle...awesome graphics for class Greg Pahl I am really really trying to give Heroes a chance. bentley exiting freeway! #slowspeedchase what's in the trunk? is Rihanna in the trunk? who is the mystery sidewalk woman? NBC...not a high-profile suspect okay los you were now., move along there's a guy in the Toyota parking lot calling NBC right now...hey dude, wave!!! KTLA....we won't speculate, because that is dangerous, but if we were to speculate

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