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Happy Holidays…cleaning out the closet

And so once again the holidays are upon us. 2007 has been a stressful in both our work and personal lives. Dear friends of ours are moving away, we have met up with new old friends this year, and have been adjusting to life back in the land of the living.

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Discover Kauai!

This is an excellent video about my favorite place on the entire planet, Kauai. If you are going, or plan to go, watch this video...and then go to my father-in-law's condo in Poipu (very local-friendly, we swear). We try to be good kama'aina.

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It’s 115 degrees Fahrenheit

I am broiling, well maybe not anymore as I am in the hotel room, but still. Things shouldn't get this hot. Al Gore, save me. The wife loves Vegas, and I don't really care for it. It's like one gaudy overgrown amusement park. It is getting better for me though, and I have grown to […]

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New Yawk

New York was cooold. Too cold for my tender Los Angeles constitution. Had a blast visiting Pat and Carolyn and Playa-monster! It was only my second time there ... ever. So we took in the sites, Rockefeller Center, NYU Medical Center to visit Didibutt for a kidney party, and then Di's favorite Jeckyll and Hyde's! […]

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